How to refresh the old room with a little money

You like the way a specific room in your home looks like, and you like spending time in it. Every furniture is in its place, and everything is fitted according to your taste. However, when you enter that room, or when you spend a long time in it, you feel that something is wrong. Something just does not fit. Is it too monotonous, or is it too simple? Perhaps there are too many complicated parts of the furniture? Something is just not as it should be, and this vibe slightly spoils the feeling of the entire room. But you should not be worried because we bring you two simple ways to refresh the room without having to spend too much money.

Recycle your old furniture

Nothing will refresh the room like recycling old furniture. It is very possible that you have furniture in a room that is in comparison to other furniture, just the wrong color. Perhaps all your furniture is monotonous, and if you repaint one, it will make all of them look good.

You can upholstery furniture again, but for that, you will have to spend some more money. If you have an armchair in the room that does not look good with your bed, wardrobe, and shelves, you can apply the decoupage technique to the wooden parts of the armchair. With the decoupage technique, you can make genuine furniture, designed to your liking. You can make a room in a romantic style, urban, traditional, or any other. You can change all the wooden surfaces in the room and thus get a brand new room. In addition, you can paint the wood parts in your favorite colors.

Think about changing the color of your walls

oldPainting your walls in a different color will bring a big change to your room. Just let your imagination run wild and do not limit yourself to white or beige. You can paint one of the walls in a different color than the others, you can choose a pattern that will repeat only on one part of the wall (and this pattern can be in the same color like a wall, only different shades). You can decorate the wall with interesting wallpapers as well as drawings.

Think about changing the color of the ceiling, because if you hit the right color, the painted ceiling will give the whole of your room. If you have good lighting, the light pink color is an excellent choice because it will make your room romantic and pleasant. This can bring a lot of freshness and novelty into your space, it’s only important that before you do it, choose your new colors carefully.