Choosing Fabrics for Home Decorating – What Fits; What Doesn’t

When choosing fabric for home decorating just remember there are no right or wrong choices. That being said, there are fabrics the are right and wrong for you and your home. Read these guidelines below and find what fabrics fit your lifestyle, preferences, and decorating scheme.

As you are shopping through various types of home decorating stores, the choices available to are often mind numbing. Not only do you have to choose a type of home decor fabric, you also have to consider texture, color, pattern, touch of the fabric, and many other considerations. It’s enough to make anyone develop a migraine and never consider choosing fabric in their lifetime.

In order to help you find and choose just the right fabric for the project you have in mind, let’s break this down to basic elements of fabric.

Number One: What Do You Like?

Fabric Preferences:

We all have fabric preferences, whether you realize it or not. What types of fabrics are in your wardrobe? Do you tend to feel your fabric and be drawn to soft silky fabrics? Maybe you like the napped fabrics of corduroy, velveteens and velvets. Perhaps you like the woven fabrics of cotton and polyester. Knowing your fabric preferences will give you a starting place when thinking about choosing home decor fabrics.

Color Preferences:

Once again, look to your wardrobe. What colors call out to you? Are the majority of the colors warm (reds,yellows,oranges), or do you prefer the cooler colors (blue, green, and purple)? Do you like the bright colors or colors that are toned down? Do you have a lot of jewel tones or perhaps you prefer neutrals such as beige and grays? Whatever colors are found in your wardrobe will be a definite clue to your fabric preferences. Does your wardrobe have the general appearance of light or dark colors?

Pattern Preference:

As a final wardrobe check, let’s look at patterns. Do you tend to choose solids all the time? Are there stripes and/or plaids there? How about other patterns such as: floral, geometric, nature, people.

Number 2: Visit a Fabric Store or Home Decorating Department

Now that you have some idea of what you like for fabrics in general, check out home decor fabrics in the fabric section of home decorating stores and fabric stores. For some inspiration and shopping tips check out What to look for when shopping for home decor fabric.

Your mission here is not to buy any fabric. You are only going to browse and take note of what you like and don’t like. Take notes and plenty of pictures with your cell phone. Do you always go for the soft, loosely woven fabrics or the harder fabrics like denim and burlap? What patterns do you like? Are they large with lots of space between designs or are they smaller all over designs? Are the fabrics you are drawn to dark or light?

Most likely, the home decor fabrics you are drawn to will mirror the fabrics and colors in your wardrobe. Once you have determined your fabric preferences, you can be sure you will be happy with your choices for home decorating projects. For more ideas on how to shop for and choose fabric for your color scheme.

Number 3: Choosing Fabrics for Home Decorating Styles

Now that you know what types of fabric you prefer,check out the section on Home Decorating Styles. Traditional to Country , Vintage Style to Log Cabin Decorating , you’ll find a listing of every style here. Find your preference and in that section there will be an area devoted to choosing fabrics for your preferred style. Here you will find inspiration and tips on choosing fabrics that should help you make choices for your lifestyle and home decorating scheme.

fabric pillowsIf you’re uncertain about whether or not a certain color of fabric will fit into your decorating scheme, buy a small item, such as a decorative pillow to try it out. If you aren’t happy with the color or fabric you can always move it to another room, give it away as a gift, or sell it in a yard sale. You haven’t spent much and it’s much better to try with a small item than with a larger investment such as furniture slipcovers or drapes.

Hopefully these hints will make choosing home decor fabric easier for you and give you the inspiration you need to choose fabrics with confidence so that whether you are deciding on furniture slipcovers or new draperies for the master bedroom, you know you are making choices you will be happy to live with for a long time.